WTS: A couple of Roaring Twenties handguns C&R eligible

almost 5 years ago
WTS: A couple of Roaring Twenties handguns C&R eligible
Buffalo Bill
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Santa Fe, NM

(1) S&W Hand Ejector .32. This one is nice because it has the longer 4.25 inch barrel. Nice and tight action like new. Bore is bright and shiny but with a few scattered spots of minor pitting in it. I have shot this revolver and it is a good one. Finish is about 60% but a smooth patina and not pitted at all. Grips are perfect. Serial number is 95704. $275 delivered.
(2) Savage Model 1917 in .380. This gun is so nice that I thought it was refinished, and had to research it before I bought it. It isn't refinished. The only wear is very minor and is only on the sharp edges and even that is just enough to ascertain that the bluing is original. I'd conservatively rate the finish at 90%. Grips are great. I have digital copies of many Savage pistol ads and the owner's manual, etc. that I can email to you. Even if you don't want my pistol, but you have one and want the info, just PM me with your email address and I can send you a huge file. Price on this pistol is $375 delivered. Endorsed by Buffalo Bill, lol.
I can take about any form of payment, and I will cheerfully refund your money of you don't like either of them, including return shipping. I never want a member unhappy with me or their purchase here.
First unqualified "I'll take it" by timestamp via reply, PM, or email gets the guns.
Doby Pilgrim
Santa Fe, NM
PS- The pictures loaded in a weird way, but you will be able to tell which one is which, lol.
S&W Hand Ejector I-Frame 32 - 2.jpg
Savage Model 1917 left.jpg
S&W Hand Ejector I-Frame 32 - 3.jpg
S&W Hand Ejector I-Frame 32 - 4.jpg
S&W Hand Ejector I-Frame 32 - 5.jpg