.357 JHP and 12 guage

about 3 years ago
.357 JHP and 12 guage
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Northwest Firearms
Sweet Home, OR

I would like to get rid of the following ammo. It is new, never taken out of the box. Hasn't been put in cylinders or magazines.
Speer Gold Dot 125gr. .357 Mag, 20 round boxes. 5 available. $25 per box
Hornady Critical Defense 125gr. .357 Mag, 25 round boxes. 3 available. $25 per box
Buffalo Bore 180gr. .357 Magnum, HEAVY LOADS, hard cast lead, 20 rounds, $25
Hevi-Shot 12ga. Classic Double Loads. 2 3/4" #2 shot. $30 per box
Kent Fasteeel 12ga. 3" #4 $10
Remington HyperSonic Steel 12ga. 3" #6 $15
I am in Sweet Home, but can travel as far as Albany occasionally. I may travel a bit further if someone buys a larger amount of what I have.
Not looking to trade at the moment. All ammo was purchased new through either a distributor or Sportsman's (I think) for the 12ga steel shot.