OR too... CZ52 With Ammo!!!!!

over 3 years ago
OR too...     CZ52  With Ammo!!!!!
Available on
Northwest Firearms

Had this listed as trade only, but decided to sell....... am I missing where I can edit the title/prefix of my post????
Giving up my awesome CZ52... this thing is almost perfect condition... 99% easily
The most badass of all milsurp pistols.
All numbers are matching, comes with one magazine and 210 rounds of Yugo surplus.
This is an early, pre-century arms import so there isnt all of that garbage electropenciled into the slide.
can meet at SW WA Surplus in Vancouver.
will FTF with another C&R FFL
will meet in Portland area as well.
will ship. PM me for shipping cost
Or trade for...
Looking for the following handguns:
Military Makarov (no IJ70
or double-stacks)
Something in .45LC?
Beretta Tomcat .32
Something in 9mm? I dont know what I want.
Possibly a Ruger .22
Into Muzzleloaders as well:
Would like a 1858 Remington 'bison' or 'buffalo' model, the one with the 12" bbl
also into large caliber single shots, .54cal, .58cal or larger like .69 or .75 caliber (cap or flint)(rifle or pistol)
Would also consider revolvers in .36 caliber too
Or maybe you have a large lot of black powder items to offer, in that case caliber is not too important.
Partial Trades (+??? on your end)
case of cheap 7.62x39 ammo
NAA .22lr/.22mag mini-revolver
Also looking for 9x18 ammo, SAA holsters & grips,
Probably other stuff too... make an offer, maybe you have something that I hadnt considered.