Used. Spikes Calico Jack ar15 in 7.62x39mm $900.00

over 4 years ago
Used. Spikes Calico Jack ar15 in 7.62x39mm $900.00
captain america
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Make: Spikes/Saa
Model: ar15 in 7.62x39
Caliber: 7.62x39
Location (city or county): riverside
Price: $900.00
Will ship (Y/N): Yes on buyers dime
Other info:
I have a slightly used spikes lower with a custom 7.62x39 upper. Upper has a saa hbar 7.62x39mm barrel, saa upper , yhm diamond free float rail, yhm 7.62x39 bcg ( bolt is the enhanced bolt with o-ring installed). Upper also has polymer sights and a fake can. Comes with an asc 10rd magazine. Rifle has had close to 200rds through it. Only 40rds of that was steel ammo. I found out that it is recommended to use brass over steel with the 7.62x39 platform.