WW-II Carcano Carbine

almost 4 years ago

					WW-II Carcano Carbine
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I came by this gun last year. A lifelong friend is selling off his collection due to medical issues. This was his dads. The story is it was a WW-II capture. It was hung on the Living room wall in their home from the time I can 1st remember going over there. I used to shoot it when his dad would take us out to his family's farm. It was a serious rifle for a 14 year old to shoulder.
Fast forward to now and it is in my safe. I have been told it is a Calvary Carbine. There are some numbers tattooed in the Butt end of the stock that I can find no significance for. This may have to do with getting it back into the country.
I am no expert in WW-II pieces but I do know this was in that family as long as I can remember and it is from the era. It has all the patina one would expect. Beyond that it is in fair condition for being older than I am.
The Bayonet functions perfectly.
I have a handful of rounds for it. I have seen the ammo available on line. 6.5 Cal.
It could use a good tear down and cleaning.
Being told by those who know about these guns what the value in the currant market is I paid more for it than I can ask for.
Asking $225.00 will consider "Fair" offers.
No trade interests.
I am in the Speedway area and will roll out to 50 miles for the right deal.
Thanks for looking,