AR15 build (BCM/Noveske/VLTOR)

over 2 years ago
AR15 build (BCM/Noveske/VLTOR)
Charter Arms
Available on
Northwest Firearms
Portland, Ore.

Likely moving to a gun-control
state and regrettably looking to sell my
pride and joy.
Thoughtfully built, simple, high quality, lightweight, ambidextrous AR15.
Parts list:
VLTOR MUR-1 upper
BCM BFH 14.5 lightweight barrel
Noveske NSR-11 keymod handguard
Daniel Defense fixed sights
Raptor ambi charging handle
BCM low profile gas block
BCM Gunfighter Compensator Mod 0
Magpul Rail Sling Attachment
Midwest Industries keymod panels (FDE)
MFT Torch LED backup light
Northtech Defense billet lower
ALG Defense ACT trigger
WMD NiB-X nickel boron bolt
WMD NiB-X hammer
Battle Arms Development ambi selector
Seekins Precision extended mag release w/ Norgon ambi-catch
Seekins Precision enhanced bolt catch
White Oak Armament LPK
BCM Gunfighter grip (FDE)
B5 Sopmod stock (FDE)
Magpul ASAP sling plate
Savvy Sniper Quad HK ambi sling (FDE)
9 - 30 rd
mags - 4x Mapgul PMAG Gen 3
(black), 2x Hexmags (FDE), 3xNHMTG metal
Approx 750 rds of high quality ammo, including Winchester M855 5.56 and American Eagle (55 & 62 grain FMJ)
Only 100 rounds through it to sight it in.
I've got about $2,500 into this, including the extras.
Note this was originally intended to be an NFA gun and has my name engraved in the lower.
Flawless other than a small nick in the upper near the FA.
I don't care about either of these issues, and you shouldn't either, because this is a great rifle.
Pretty firm, no low balls.
Cash only, FTF only, ID and bill of sale required.
I'm located in the Seattle area.
Would consider partial trades for quality bolt gun, or possibly shotgun or Glock 9mm.