N.E.F. Pardner Single Shot, East CoCo County, Will Ship

over 1 year ago
N.E.F. Pardner Single Shot, East CoCo County, Will Ship
Chiappa Firearms
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East Contra Costa Co.

Make: New England Firearms
Model: Pardner Single Shot
Caliber: 12 gauge, 3" chamber
Location: East Contra Costa Co.
Price: $130
Will ship: Yes, for additional $40.00
No, it's not a short-barreled shotgun!
Barrel length is 18.5", overall length is 28.25" so it's still just a shotgun. My goal was to make it as easy as possible to handle & maneuver in close quarters. You can shoulder it if you really want to, and even sight down the barrel by leaning your head way over, but I imagine the recoil would cause the hammer to hit you in the face. As it turned out, the butt stock is just the right size to tuck into your side when firing, and the laser makes it a lot easier to hit your target.
The barrel was cut down from the original, so there's no bead; you might want to get a different gun for shooting sporting clays. As you can tell from the pics of the buttplate, I don't exactly work for H&H, but the work on the shortened butt stock isn't horrible. The fore end was relieved to allow the laser to sit back in an easily accessible position, and I didn't bother refinishing the cut. Since the on/off is at the back of the unit, you can activate it naturally with the edge of your support hand when grasping the fore end. The laser is about a notch and a half above the cheapest, but I figured I only needed it to work once . It's bore sighted across my apartment, about 20'.
I bought this used in great shape, it didn't look like it had ever been in the field. There was one small rub mark on the barrel at about 10:00 o'clock, just aft of the end of the fore end, which I blended with some cold blue. When I first got it, before the chop & channel job, I put a few rounds of birdshot through it just to make sure it functioned. Other than that, it's just been sitting. It hasn't been Frog-Lubed. If you want you can always change things on the cheap by picking up used parts from similar guns to replace the stock, fore end, and barrel.
The "QuickStrip" pictured is included, it holds six rounds and works just like a speed-strip for revolvers.
My schedule is open and I'm available to meet at the dealer of your choice around the Bay and a bit outside of the immediate Bay Area, generally Santa Rosa-Sacramento-Stockton-San Jose. Further travel negotiable (Gas? Lunch?), I'd rather drive than ship. Sorry but no trades, I need the cash.
**BUYERS, send questions or offers to Seller using Private Messages**
I'll be checking my email on the home computer occasionally throughout the day, so don't be surprised if I don't get back to you right away. Yeah, I know, probably the only guy in CA not on a smart phone.