LNIB S&W Mod 686 Plus 3"

about 3 years ago
LNIB S&W Mod 686 Plus 3"
Chief Marshall
Available on
Northwest Firearms
Battle Ground, WA

Too many revolvers.
Bought this new from Budsgunshop at the end of April but can't figure out how to fit it into my carefully planned (ok, chaotic and totally incoherent) collection/system of handguns.
And it's just one revolver too many. This has only has 50 rounds through it and shoots like a dream.
This is a like new Model 686-6 Plus and holds seven (yes, seven) rounds of .357 Magnum or, if you choose, .38 Special. Comes complete with the blue S&W Box, manual, and other stuff.
Beautiful stainless pistol with a barely visible turn ring. Smooth double action trigger, a single action trigger you only have to think about to make it drop, adjustable rear sights, and a ramped front sight with red insert.
Our friend the Yankee Marshall once declared it the best handgun period. I think he's changed to the Chiappa Rhino now, but this one still rocks.
Price is $650, well below new retail.
And I'll go you one better and pay the transfer fee.
Just need the cash for another impulsive and probably equally ill-considered buy in the near future.
No trades at this time.
Please contact me by private conversation only and include a phone number you will actually answer (I hate voice mail and repeated calls).
Please no lowball offers. This is a good price.
I'm in Battle Ground, so preference to Clark County buyers. Transfer to be done at the FFL of your choice or we can use Tropics Pawn in Orchards (Transfer fee $21).
And here it is.