30-338 Lapua Ackley Improved w/ NightForce scope & extras

about 1 year ago
30-338 Lapua Ackley Improved w/ NightForce scope & extras
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Long Range Hunting

NXS Nightforce 5.5-22x56mm Scope w/ zero stop & illuminated "MOAR" Reticle.
20MOA turret. First Focal Plane.
($2,000 New)
Blueprinted/Trued Remington 700 action.
Cartridge: "30-338 Lapua Improved".. 338 Lapua Magnum, Ackley Improved, & necked down for 30 caliber bullet.
1 + 1. one in the barrel & one in the magazine. Haven't had any feeding issues.
Was shooting 210 grain Berger bullet. Sub 1/2 MOA group (3/8") at 100 yards. Settled at 3300 FPS Muzzle Velocity, loved the accuracy more than speed. Didn't play with loads a whole lot, you may find something it likes better. My father in law does the reloading, i just know how to hunt & shoot. 103 grains of RL33.
McMillan ultralight carbon fiber stock w/ recoil pad.
($600 new)
Bartlein Barrel w/ Fluting. 28" long.
($480 New)
Diamond T Rifle shop built muzzle brake.
(Shawn Thomason) ($125 new)
Feel less recoil than a 30-06.
Timney Trigger w/ safety. Adjustable.
Currently set at 1.5 LBS.
($140 new)
Nightforce 30mm Ultralite scope rings ($170 New)
20 MOA picatinny scope base
($55 New)
Nightforce Clamp on power throw lever; Still in it's original package
($64 new)
Nightforce flip up scover covers; Still in it's original package
($50 new)
200 pieces of brand new 338 Lapua Magnum brass, 200 still in original boxes & never opened.
($520 new) ($260 per box of 100, new)
RCBS custom dies needed for reloading this cartridge.
($385 New)
Rifle buttstock shell holder.
($15 new)
Shawn Thomason built the rifle, Glass bedded etc. (Diamond T rifle shop)
(Can't remember how much he charged me for labor)
Built 2 years ago, only shot about 40 rounds through it. Barrel properly broke in.
$5,600 value w/ labor etc. Firmly asking $3,599 for the complete set-up.
Had to wait 12 months for all the parts to arrive & be put together.
Action originally started off as a 300 win mag that i purchased about 2 years prior to this build, bolt face was "opened up" for the Lapua. Haven't had any issues.
There is a wear mark by the front sling stud from where i ran Harris bipods attached to the stock. Nothing major but there is two vertical wear lines leftover. In picture.
My cousin borrowed this gun to go wolf hunting, & it came back with another wear mark near the recoil pad on top of stock, No idea how it got there but i filled it in black so it's less noticable. Also in attached picture
Never shot it on paper any farther than 200 yards. Shot a spike bull at 530 yards with it last fall, Hit it right behind the front shoulder where i was aiming.
Contact me by phone or Private message. Nathan. 208-827-0391. Leave a message.
Can have gunsmith fax me chamber blueprints if needed.
Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, insurance, tracking etc.
Will only sell items as a complete package.
Will not accept trades.
REASON FOR SELLING: I just don't have enough time to do near as much long range plinking as I thought I would. & I used to hunt wide open clear cuts & just sit & glass. But now I'm getting to where i like to hunt old growth timber away from the roads where you really don't need a long range set up. This gun is 11.25 pounds including scope etc. So I've gotten to where i just carry my 8 pound 30-06 for hunting the timber now. And I was kind of undecided on whether or not I was gonna sell but I just got married last week & had emergency appendix surgery that same night (bad timing lol) so I decided I would just sell this gun and put some $$$ back in the bank and just hunt out to 350 yards with my 30-06 for awhile.
Have never sold anything that wasn't being sold locally so you may have to help me with proper paperwork etc. Thank you in advance. I'm in Orofino, Idaho.