WTS *Updated* Preban Colt Pre-94 Scarface replica

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Selling my preban Colt SP1 Scarface/Predator replica. I built this for fun and never shoot it. It's a true pre '94 SP78###. I have 28 unfired flares to go with it. There are tutorials and supplies on the net on reloading flares here, I never tried them, I picked them up of gunbroker years ago. I never fired the vintage Cobray non-nfa launcher, it needs to be tightened occasionally so it doesn't wobble, easy fix. These launchers are like hens teeth to find these days.
I haven't fired the gun in years, it shot fine but I only get rid of AR's "as is" because of an issue with another in the past. I'll get better photos up when I have a chance. The rifle was made as close to the Scarface/Predator rifle as I could. The postban magazines will not go to a MA resident, but you can easily find your own and tape them together with gaffer tape (it's what they used in the movie. The upper is an A1 with the "tear drop" forward assist. The stock and grip are very early versions. I have the triangle hand guards as well. This is a great gun for those looking to build a tactical preban, pretend you are taking out aliens, or want to own ac classic AR. I might have a pickle fork flash hider too, If I can find it, it yours.
Trades :
Let me know what you have. I'm currently interested in nice scopes. But will look at pistols and rifles. No AR's or 1911's unless they are special, I have enough of them as it is. I live in a more free state then MA so don't expect me to look at your $700 Glocks. A nice bolt gun in .223 or .308 with nice glass is top of my list.
Price :
Preban Colt $2300
Cobray launcher with rail and sight $500
Flares link $280
$3000 OBRO
Transfer at a FFL in my area MA/RI boarder on your dime.
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