Pietta & Palmetto percussion revolvers......

over 3 years ago
Pietta & Palmetto percussion revolvers......
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Northwest Firearms

Up for sale are two black powder percussion revolvers.
First is a Palmetto replica of an 1847 Colt Walker in .44 caliber, un-fired condition, with powder flask.
Gold lettering "TEXAS RANGER" on left side of barrel and a gold star in front of the cylinder.
It also has an engraved scene on the cylinder.
This gun originally was sold in a presentation box with the powder flask and a Texas Ranger lawman star.
I have only the gun and powder flask, unfortunately.
Next is a Pietta replica of a Colt 1861 Sheriff, .36 caliber, brass frame with a 5 1/2 inch barrel in un-fired condition.
The guns are being sold for my neighbor who is liquidating stuff for an old friend of his that has gone to a rest home.
The monies are going to the old man.
I have some other miscellaneous black powder things that can go to sweeten things
if the buyer finds them useful.
Those are .445 and .451 balls.
Thanks for looking.