RARE Colt M4 COMMANDO Consecutive Lowers, Los Angeles, No Ship

about 1 year ago
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): Los Angeles

Make: Colt
Caliber: 5.56
Location (city or county): Los Angeles
Price: $900
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info:
I have 2 of the rarest Colt receivers on the market, the "M4 COMMANDO". These are, without a doubt, a rare piece of Colt history for us in the U.S.. These were special ordered by Prima Armi, the only official distributor of Colt firearms in all of Europe, for their M4 Commando series. The M4 Commando series is only available for sale in Europe in SBR form. What makes these lowers rare is that Colt made these lowers for Europe and Colt has never produced the "M4 COMMANDO" lower in semi for sale in the U.S.. Not even the U.S. marketed "M4 COMMANDO" RO933 have lowers marked as such. The only lowers that were ever marked with "M4 COMMANDO" was the "M4 COMMANDO ENHANCED", which is a SBR that can fire in semi, burst, or full auto. The M4 Commando offered by Prima Armi in Europe retails for 1,749 Euros, or $2,100 in U.S. currency.
This is a must have for Colt collectors. The serial numbers for both lowers I'm selling are 03 and 04 and these lowers were never registered as SBRs. Seeing how rare and unique these lowers are, they will command a higher price. I'm asking for $900 per lower, or $1,600 for both.
More info on Prima Armi: http://www.primarmi.it/wsa/category/...es.html?pLang=