SKS Paratrooper, San Diego, No Shipping

over 1 year ago
Vasili Arkhipov
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Make: SKS
Model: Paratrooper
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $550
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: This one is in beautiful condition - If I remember correctly, it was purchased from Simpson Ltd some years back. It was never fired by me, simply kept as a collector piece, but there's no doubt that it's fully functional. This is one of the coveted 16" paratrooper models that rarely spring up for sale in California. They're well loved for a reason - superior handling characteristics without any real detriment to accuracy or velocity. Pretty much the ideal CA rifle, given the current state of the laws, but it's worth picking up one now before any worse restrictions hit the floor in Sacramento. Looks pretty pristine overall, as you can see from the photos. Please send a private message if you would like more detail, specific photo requests, would like to ask a question, or have anything to add.
Gunfighter Tactical has always treated me well in the past, and it's close to where I work, so I would prefer to transfer though them. I am open to other options in San Diego if you have a strong preference. I would be willing to travel as far north as Orange County, but only for a serious buyer.
Ten photobuckets are below, and below that another 5 attached photos. Just trying to capture the overall condition as well as I can, but only so much can be done using a potato. I assure you, it's a very nice para, and you won't be disappointed - I'm selling most of my collection in the coming months to fund school-related debt. Coming soon are a Winchester M1 Carbine, a walnut K31 from Simpson LTD with a pristine bore, a Marlin 795,
a pair of Yugo-capture Mausers, a beautiful 1917-dated Swedish Mauser, a USP full size 45 and a Sig MK25, a Series 70 Blued Colt 1911, a 10/22 stock, barrel, bolt, and trigger group, and a few other's that I can't think of off the top of my head. I'll get around to posting them all by the end of the weekend, but if you have any interest in any of the above listed, please let me know in a PM and I'll be more prompt about sending some photos and an asking price your way.
Thank you for your time and consideration!