New X95, & New Kriss Vector G2, & Colt M16A1 Dissipator

almost 2 years ago
New X95, & New Kriss Vector G2, & Colt M16A1 Dissipator
Available on
Cal Guns

Selling a number of brand new rifles in San Jose.
Shipping to an out of area FFL may be possible at buyers expense but preference will go to local buyers.
Sorry, funding other projects so no trades at this time.
Buyer will be responsible for lining up an FFL in the San Jose area able to do the PPT (some FFL's are declining due to full safes - if you believe that).
Up for sale in the following posts:
Tavor X95
Kriss Vector Gen 2 in .45
Colt M16A1 Dissipator
Up first, a brand new, unfired, Tavor X95 in OD Green.
Rifle is the non-California model which was converted by an out of state middleman, which means it has the normal mag release system under the Bullet Button.
Rifle has been upgraded with a number of accessories bought separately:Tavor Muzzle Brake
BCM Forward Grip
Geissele Super Sabra Trigger Pack (new - not yet installed)
Geissele Lighning Bow Trigger (new - not yet installed)
In addition to the items noted above, the rifle includes the original box and everything that came in it, the original flash hider, and the muzzle extension from the compliance conversion (replaced by the factory brake).
At lot of this was bought on sale and I am selling everything at my original cost.
Only $2500 for all in San Jose
Next is a brand new, unfired, second generation (current) Kriss Vector in .45 ACP.
Rifle includes hard case and one magazine.
Selling only for my actual cost at time of original purchase, $1600
More rifles below