Polish P-83

over 1 year ago
Polish P-83
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Used, shows some holster wear at the muzzle & corners
It has been a great gun, great ccw and fun for target shooting too. This was my main carry for about a year. Ive since found the perfect holster and am carrying my Beretta 92 now. Otherwise the P83 would be staying
Polish P-83, this was Poland's answer to the Makarov... Even though part of the Warsaw Pact (obviously) Poland and Czechoslovakia maintained their own weapons design & manufacture programs.
Functionally similar to the Makarov and chambered in the same caliber, the parts are not interchangeable...
It is a traditional DA/SA pistol with a decocker.
Made in 1990. Has matching numbers.
Comes with two magazines, original holster and cleaning tool.
Meet in Vancouver.
Oregon buyers must meet in Portland
Might consider trades of:
.30-06 NEF / H&R Handi Rifle
CZ-82 in 9x18
Mid-Full Sized 9mm handguns. da/sa or striker... CZ, Glock, SAxd, S&W 5906, etc
Open to anything in .45acp, .45 Colt, 9mm, .22lr, 30-06, 12ga, .223/5.56 ---> But will consider all offers. Partial trades +/- cash welcome as well