Benelli M2 Tactical, Colt LE6940, Aresenal SAM7R, CZ-527 (San Diego)

over 4 years ago
Benelli M2 Tactical, Colt LE6940, Aresenal SAM7R, CZ-527 (San Diego)
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Clairmont Mesa

Up for sale in San Diego, a number of interesting long guns. I am the original owner. All were purchased within the last year or so.
Benelli M2 Tactical Benelli Link Review Link
Very low round count. Went to the range twice. Zero issues, even liked light dove loads.
Ghost ring sights, upgraded with tritium night sights. Very nice! Added a limbsaver recoil pad too.
Colt LE6940
Colt, makers of the original M4. Less than 100 rounds fired. Built-in flip up sights. Full rail, free float barrel. Two nice upgrades:
1) ALG Defense QMS trigger. Very smooth... but still a combat trigger.
2) Magpul MOE+ grip. Much nicer than hard plastic one.
Arsenal SAM7R
High-end, milled AK. Very few rounds fired. Exceptionally accurate. Upgraded with Mojo peep sight, tritium night sight front post - a much improved sight picture. Also has US Palm grip. And, replaced ridiculous factory bullet button system with something that makes sense.
$1675 (I know, I know... pricey... believe me though, quite a bit less than what I have into it.)
CZ-527 CZ Link
Beautiful bolt gun chambered for plentiful 7.62x39 ammo. Looks new. Very hard to find these. Just a few rounds fired. Best trigger out there.
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Google can find you lots of good detailed info on each. If you are serious about purchasing, I am happy to provide more details about specifics.
Please do not PM low ball offers. Given what I paid, the prices are not unreasonable. Even so, I realize I may end up keeping them. That's OK.
Best place to meet:
Turner's in Clairmont Mesa. (They are friendly and don't make you wait extra because it's a PPT.)
Willing to meet other places though. Discount Gun is not bad - Morena or Santee.
Move quickly! Much of the value here is not being a registered owner. Starting Jan 1st, all long gun purchases are registered.
[Sorry, not interested in trades.]