Orbea Hermanos .455 Webley - Resored and Perfect- British Officer's service weapon from WWI

almost 3 years ago
 Orbea Hermanos .455 Webley - Resored and Perfect- British Officer's service weapon from WWI
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HEre is a rare one for y'all, an Orbea Hermanos .455 Top-Break Revolver, which is basically an "improved" version of the S&W 3rd model Russian in .455 Webley.
It is a former British Officer's service weapon from WWI with some British Military hallmarks and stampings.
Still wearing original hand carved horn grips!
It has been completely restored -- internally and externally -- it locks up tighter than most modern revolvers.
Has some remaining military hallmarks, although I imagine the fainter markings were lost in the re-bluing.
Wearing original hand carved horn grips. The cylinder has been turned since restoration and it exhibits a faint turn line, but I don't think it has been fired since it was reworked
Value is hard to determine. Supposedly it is worth quite a bit in the collector's market - I have seen them listed on fancy dealers sites for $1500+ in much poorer condition than mine -- although the refinishing work could either improve or lower the value depending on the particular collector. . .
I'm open to trades for a high quality rifle or handgun. I will consider cash offers via PM but would prefer to trade.
Re trades, I tend to prefer older weapons from companies like Colt, S&W, FN, Mauser, and similar top quality marques. No plastic guns please. PLEASE MAKE ALL OFFERS VIA PM. I am open to "trading up" to something more valuable, either by adding cash, ammo, accessories or even other firearms to make for a fair deal.
I'm looking for FTF transactions with Oregon Residents, and looking to meet up in the Portland Metro area. Thanks NWFA!