S&W M&P .38 Special - Model of 1905 3rd Change made in 1912

about 3 years ago
 S&W M&P .38 Special - Model of 1905 3rd Change made in 1912
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Up for trade is a very nice Smith and Wesson .38 "Military and Police" .38 Special "Hand Ejector" (aka M&P Military & Police Model of 1905) this is the "Third Change" model -- serial number dates production to 1912 or 1913. This is a "5 screw" model. Square butt, 4" tapered light-weight "pencil" barrel, half-moon fixed sights.
Matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel, and crane. The crane and frame also have matching 3-digit numbers, indicating that all parts are original. Wearing the original and highly desirable hardwood "Diamond Grips" which have hand cut checkering and an inset bronze escutcheon -- this style of grip was only made from about 1910-1920, it is the rarest and most desirable grip style for older S&W revolvers.
The "Third Change" modification occurred in 1909 and was produced until 1915 with a total production of 94,804 revolvers, SN 146900-241703 of the Hand Ejector series. This revolver has SN 205,xxx and thus was likely made in 1912 or early 1913. Latest patent date on barrel is Set 14, 1909.
Bluing is thin and worn off of some spots and has turned that golden-blue-brown typical of hundred year old S&W revolvers -- overall it is pretty darn good given that it is over 100 years old. The loss of bluing appears to be age related and not due to holster wear as it occurs on both high and low points. There is however ZERO rust or pitting. Care hardening on the hammer and trigger is still very colorful. Bore is excellent -- shiny with sharp rifling. Lockup is tight -- much tighter than modern revolvers. The fitting of the crane to the frame is so tight that you can't slip a sheet of paper into it. Basically, this gun hasn't been shot much over the last hundred years.
The Pre-war S&W revolvers have the desirable "long trigger" action and as to be expected, the action on this revolver is exceptionally smooth in DA and SA breaks like a proverbial glass rod. The mechanical smoothness and tightness of fit between the different components is exceptional. Seriously, they don't make 'em like this anymore. The only revolvers with triggers in the same league as the pre-40s "Long Trigger" S&W revolvers are Colt Pythons.
I'm open to trades for a high quality rifle or handgun. I will consider cash offers via PM but would prefer to trade.
Re trades, I tend to prefer older weapons from companies like Colt, S&W, FN, Mauser, and similar top quality marques. No plastic guns please. PLEASE MAKE ALL OFFERS VIA PM.
I am open to "trading up" to something more valuable, either by adding cash, ammo, accessories or even other firearms to amke for a fair deal.