GAP 30-06AI Lapua Brass & Forster Dies

about 6 years ago
GAP 30-06AI Lapua Brass & Forster Dies
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I know everyone says this, but I hate to do this!
This is a great rifle, but I have too many irons in the fire and have to sell something.This rifle has a R700 jeweled action that was trued @ GAP.
It is a 30-06 Ackley Improved with the 40* shoulder.
The barrel is a 1:10 twist Rock Creek 5R finished @ 24" not including the Holland Quick Discharge Brake.
The brake is very effective at controling the recoil and makes it very possible to spot your own shots.
The stock is B & C T5a and is Not Bedded.
So it would be possible to sell the stock off and switch stocks if you desire. I am selling this rifle as a package with my Forster Ultra Dies, 300 count Lapua brass, 100 count Nosler custom brass, 20MOA Night Force Rail, Burrist XTR Low Rings and Bushnell 4200 Tactical 6-24x50 Scope.
The lapua brass has 200 fire formed cases and 100 virgin cases.
The Nosler cases are virgin and one box is actually still sealed.
That is well over $400 in just brass!
I have less than 500 down the tube and about 150 were subsonic 208 AMAX loads that I ran through my Tigershark can just messing around and shooting varmints.The rifle was built for me as a long range hunting rifle and did take a couple whitetail.
Another words it is a used rifle and the finish does have a few marks on it.
However, there are no deep scratches or anything that compromised the DuraCoat finish.
If you are the type of guy that likes a clean new looking rifle, no problem, I am happy to work out a brand new coat of Cerakote with Moon at Crescent Customs.I am asking $3,095 shipped for the entire package, or $2,495 shipped without optics.
Rifle will ship in a Plano Hard Case.
Price Reduced