Winchester 1894 in 38-55 Caliber (1899 DOM)

over 3 years ago
Winchester 1894 in 38-55 Caliber (1899 DOM)
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I am getting into the adoption process and need to thin the herd to raise some money. Since I have another rifle in the same configuration, I thought I would put this one up for sale. It is a Winchester 1894 made in 1899. It is in the great 38-55 caliber. It has a 26" Octagon barrel and crescent buttplate.
The receiver has about 50% bluing left and the barrel has about 90% bluing left. The action is tight and the bore is very bright with sharp lands and bright grooves.
Overall, this rifle is a desirable configuration and would be a great deer rifle if and when the new deer regulations go through this year.
I am willing to sell it with 6 boxes of factory ammo and 2 boxes of reloads. I am asking $1600 in New Castle or the East side of Indianapolis. I am willing to negotiate price and included ammo.
You can reach me via P.M. or email at