WTS SAKO TRG in 7mm Rem Mag (North SF Bay)

over 1 year ago
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TRG 42/S hybrid in 7mm Rem Mag
This rifle is a hybrid between TRG42 and TRG-S/M995. The receiver and bolt are from a TRG-S (TRG-S has virtually identical receiver to TRG-42). The rest are new parts for TRG-42 (300WM). TRG's two-stage trigger is fully adjustable. The magazine catch was upgraded to KRG's wider catch. Scope mount is from NEAR in Canada, which has built-in recoil lugs. The barrel is a 28" Bartlein (1:9), which is capable of pushing Berger 180 hybrid to 2800-2900 fps (G1 = 6.74), or Berger 168 hybrid to 3100 fps (G1 = 0.617). The muzzle is target crowned. TRG42 in 300WM (no longer imported) suffers from the intrinsic ballistic disadvantage of its caliber. 7mm bullets get you to the the high BC game with much reduced recoil. This rifle was put together by Tim "Moon" Robert at Crescent Customs. Tim was GAP's master gunsmith and did most SAKO work until he opened his own shop.
Priced at $2850 plus shipping if needed.
The rifle has not been shot.