Wtt/s G33/40

over 4 years ago
Wtt/s G33/40
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I have a nice non matching yet all authentic factory parts Mauser G33/40. These were the rifles carried by the German Gebirgsjager or Mountain hunters. These rifles are mostly beat up but this one is in good shape and reasonably priced, feel free to email me for my phone number. You can even by the bolt and barrel let alone r stock for this price
1000 shipped and ill throw in a k98 slng and furniture set. Will partiality trade for the following
9.3x62 rifles, really looking for a cz Kevlar carbine, no American versions.
The following Marlins: Guide gun or 1895 sdg/stp
Tge following winchesters: 42, 70, sxs 20's, trappers, Canadian centennials, any model with octagon barrel and crescent buttstock, trails end and legacys.
bark river or blind horse knife
Todd price or any of the other famous early American Indian war/frontier artist