CVA Staghorn Magnum .50 BP rifle.

over 3 years ago
 CVA Staghorn Magnum .50 BP rifle.
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Northwest Firearms
SE Portland

Connecticut Valley Arms Staghorn Magnum in excellent condition.
Nothing fancy, just a good, simple, entry-level black powder rifle.
$100, consider offers or trades.
Buy the gun and the projectiles below for $140
I have a small assortment of .50 caliber projectiles;
(40) CVA 348 gr. Hollow points with a green plastic seal at the base $20
(15) TC 370 gr. Maxi Balls, lubed. No. 7795 $10
(15) TC Break'o'Way Sabots w/240 gr. XTP bullets. no.8241 $10
(20) Hornady Great Plains 385 gr. HB-HP lubed no. 6620 $15
(45) Knight High Pressure Sabots for .429"-.430" (.44 Caliber) no.900127 $5
These allow you to shoot .44 Magnum bullets in your .50 caliber rifle.
(3) Misc. Bullets that appear to be the same as the TC Maxi Balls, but without lube - Free with any purchase.