New, unfired CVA Buckhorn Magnum 50 cal. BP rifle w/accs.

over 2 years ago
New, unfired CVA Buckhorn Magnum 50 cal. BP rifle w/accs.
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Just in time for Christmas, or at least not too late...I have a brand new CVA Buckhorn Magnum 50 cal. Black powder rifle for sale, with everything that one might need to go out shooting and then clean the gun afterwards! "Magnum" means up to 150 grains Pyrodex! The gun is set up from the factory to use #209 (shotgun) primers for ignition, but can be converted easily and, it sounds like, for free, to use standard percussion caps. A knowledgeable friend of mine advises that black powder (not substitutes) will work better with caps...
Extra goodies include: Two boxes of Pyrodex pellets, one package (20 ea.) Powerbelt bullets with attached wad thingy, two jars of cleaning patches, two jars of rust preventive patches, metal tool for removal of the breechplug, metal "cap" (primer) installing device, one box of Winchester 209 primers, and Weaver style scope bases. There are also two baggies of cleaning goodies and the rod is under the barrel, of course. Not shown in the photos are the instruction manual and a receipt for around $60 worth of the stuff that goes with the rifle. Not all the accessories are on this receipt...
Asking $275 all up. You could pick up in Eugene or I could meet you in Corvallis or Albany on Tuesday of next week (Dec. 22). Reasonable offers cheerfully considered, and there is a scope which could be on the rifle for very little additional...
Please PM for contact info. Thanks!