Rare S&W Md 2206

over 3 years ago

					Rare S&W Md 2206
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Evansville, IN Posts 3,570

Getting harder to find anymore and even harder in this condition.
Excellent condition S&W 2206 Target semi-auto .22LR pistol.
Unknown, but very low round count.
Includes the original box and one 10 round magazines.
This uses the same magazines as the Model 41, extra 10 & 12 round mags may be found at CDNN and Midway.
All stainless steel construction, frame and slide with adjustable rear sight.
Nice heft while maintaining a slim, clean profile.
This is one of the finest suppressor hosts there is. The recoil spring is above the barrel giving a clear view of the sight picture over a suppressor. Barrel nut can be replaced with a $25 adaptor from EWK arms. Also includes 100 rounds CCI Mini Mags.
Price is $425 cash firm, I will not be lowering this and will gladly keep it. Will take silver bars/rounds at spot. You may find one cheaper but not in this condition in the original box.
Other trade interests include a CZ 452 American Left Hand, Henry Lever action in .22 WMR, intermediate to good quality AK-47, maybe a VZ2008 with extras, AK pistol in 7.62x39, ??? Not interested in bolt actions or shotguns.
FTF around Evansville, I may travel up to 45 minutes from here.
PM any questions or offers. I have several items listed for sale so please be clear as to what you are interested in.