WTS: Daewoo DR-300 rifle in 7.62x39 - New - Never been fired

over 1 year ago
WTS:  Daewoo DR-300 rifle in 7.62x39 - New - Never been fired
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WTS: Daewoo DR-300 7.62x39 rifle - New , never been fired
Location: Chelmsford
Daewoo DR-300 rifle in 7.62x39. Imported by Kimber.
Never been fired.
Still has the lube stick in the barrel. Comes with one frankenstein mag - but will take AR type mags that feed 7.62x39 (number of companies making them now)
Bought a few years ago and never shot.
These are great combat rifles, reliable and easy to maintain. Plenty of info out there on the web. Clearing out the rifle safe.
This is a low serial number rifle - below 100.
Supposedly Kimber imported about 1000 of these into the country.
Comes with the original box,
but the box is a little beat up (the gun has been kept in a climate controlled safe).
Also including an American made pistol grip. The thumbhole stock can be removed and there are adapters available to fit an AR style stock to the rifle (see some of the pics for examples)
Selling Terms: Face to Face must have LTC, can do sale at dealer if buyer prefers
Price: $1400 - no personal checks
Contact Information: send me a PM, I'll respond as quickly as I can
Couple of pics showing what the rifle looks like with pistol grip and AR stock adapter:
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