.22 cal. VL Daisy and Heddon rifle (RARE)

almost 5 years ago
.22 cal. VL Daisy and Heddon rifle (RARE)
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Make: Daisy and Heddon
Caliber:.22 Cal "CASELESS AMMO"
Location (city or county):Highland
Price:$400 or best offer
Will ship (Y/N):no
Other info:This rifle was given to me a while ago. It was part of my friends dads collection who passed away in 1998. We thought is was a funky pellet gun. It turns out that between 1968-69 Daisy made a .22 cal caseless bullet that used high pressure air to ignite gun power. This rifle great condition, i would rate it a 96 out of 100. If you are into collecting rare guns this would be a nice addition. I have never shot this rifle and i know it has not had a round shot though it in 25 years.
Please Note: This is not a airgun.. It uses compressed air pushed though a pinhole which heats the air enough to ignite gun powder. It shoots a .22 cal BULLET. you can find caseless ammo for sale on the net. It looks like a .22 cal Bullet with gun powder stuck to it.
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