Daisy Super Match 126 El Gamo MC Super 10M match target air rifle Olympic grade w/box

about 3 years ago
Daisy Super Match 126 El Gamo MC Super 10M match target air rifle Olympic grade w/box
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Not sure if anyone here's into 10M air rifle but here's a unique one for you. This is a Daisy Super Match 126, sold outside the US an an El Gamo MC Super. Not a budget gun like modern Daisy/Gamo.
Single-stroke pneumatic 10-meter competitive target rifle from the early 1980s. Designed to compete with the Walther LGR. Lothar Walther target barrel, stock with adjustable buttplate and rail for foregrip. Original sights, adjustable 2-stage trigger.
These rifles haven't held their value over the years for one big reason: They used an unnecessary air/oil ram in addition to the normal air piston. In my rifle's case I removed the oil ram and replaced it with a solid machined delrin spacer. This increases the cocking effort slightly but eliminates the reliability issues. My rifle worked fine for several years until the regular piston seals wore out, as they often do with age. I never was super-serious about airgun target so I never bothered to fix it. Buyer can get the main seals and (if needed) outlet valve from a few different UK parts sites. Doesn't require special tools or knowledge to work on.
Asking $150 or trade. Meet on the north shore. Contact via PM or email. This is far less than I paid for it ten years ago and if this were any other 10M rifle it'd be a $400-600 gun.
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