Garage clean out, vintage/antiques

over 1 year ago
Garage clean out, vintage/antiques
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Long Range Hunting
Eastern NC

I have a couple of old but good items for sale, and will list them all in this one ad.
Johnson large folding goose decoys.
Complete set, and as "new". I have seen these for $25-$40 each, but have only seen one other complete set and it sold in 2007 and I cant find the price online.
I think a fair price for the complete set would be $30 per decoy for a total of $360.
If you are interested and that price is out of line, let me know what you think a fair price would be.
I do not want to break up the set.
bag and steel stakes are included.
Pluck mini cap gun with holster.
It still functions as it should, but does have corrosion and the holster has a tear in it, but still intact. Pistol is about 3" long. I am thinking $35 for it.
lastly a Daisy Targette shooting gallery.
It is complete, but the center heart spinner is missing the matching top half and the shamrock beside it is missing the top.
I am thinking $40 for it.
I can ship, and I also can bundle them all together if someone wants it all.
I can do better on the price and obviously that would mean only one shipping charge.
Thanks for looking.