Custom precision .308 - long range steel slayer + 100rds custom ammo

almost 2 years ago
Custom precision .308 - long range steel slayer + 100rds custom ammo
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Here are some videos of the rifle hitting targets at distance to get you excited! (copy and paste URL into browser):
I have a fantastic custom built .308 off of a trued R.E.M. 700 SA for long range that I am selling to help fund a new rifle build. This rifle is a heck of a shooter out to the limits of my capability at 1,100 yards on .5 moa steel targets. The camo wrap is just a wrap that if you don't like can be removed easily by using a hair dryer to heat it and then peeling it off. It does not leave any residue. The barrel and action are professionally cerakoted OD green.
Whats included:
- Rem 700 short action trued and blueprinted by Long Rifles Inc of South Dakota
---> this consists of
1. resurface receiver ring square to bore centerline
2. helically bore i.d. of receiver ring bore parallel/concentric to bore centerline
3. resurface lug abutments square to bore centerline
4. qualify lug abutment/receiver ring height to 1.1350"
5. interpolate/thread mill receiver ring to athread pitch of 1.085-16tpi
6. qualify threads with custom-built gauging
7. truncate lead thread of receiver ring to mitigate galling during final assembly
8. chamfer i.d. bore/receiver ring
9. chamfer/relieve bottom of front scope base screw hole/receiver thread intersection
10. helically bore and interpolate/thread mill receiver scope base holes to 8-40tpi on the receiver bore center-line
11. LRI Heavy Tactical lug Left installed and precision ground
12. resurface rearward bolt lug surfaces square to bolt centerline
13. resurface bolt face square to bolt centerline
14. mirror polish extractor shoes on factory m700 "floating" extractor
15. Tactical bolt knob installation
- Kreiger varmint barrel at 26" (not including muzzle brake) with SilencerCo Specwar muzzle brake (ready to accept suppressor)
---> barrel work includes
1. measure and document tennon geometry
2. edit program to individual receiver dimensions and indicate bore center axis
3. profile barrel tennon
4. thread tennon to fit receiver threads
5. setup/select chamber reamer
6. chamber barrel
7. chamfer breech ring/entrance to chamber
8. qualify head space to a value of go+0.001" to go+0.002"
9. cut to finish length
10. crown (choice of true 11 target crown or recessed 11 hunter crown)
11. cnc engrave cartridge designation on barrel cylinder
- XLR Element chassis
*free floating barrel
*tactical lite butt stock (any AR butt stock may be installed)
*multi point radial cut action block allows stress free action mount with no bedding required (no v-block)
*QD sling mounts
*pic rail mount for bipod or sling studs
*1 AICS 10 Round magazine included
- Timney 510 trigger set at 1.5 pounds
- Nightforce 20moa 1 piece steel scope base with recoil lug properly bedded to action and installed with 8-40 screws
- 100 rounds of custom 178gr AMAX ammunition loaded specifically for this rifle. Produces .38moa
*Not included:
Optics & bipod
I live in Graham, but can travel. I'm asking $2,000 for this rifle. Best way to reach me is via e-mail at
This is what it looks like without the camo wrap: