Dakota Model 76 Alpine with unique Serial # 257 ACKLEY (Photos uploaded )

over 3 years ago
F/S Dakota Model 76 Alpine with unique Serial #  257 ACKLEY  (Photos uploaded )
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Long Range Hunting

This is #2 of 4 Dakota rifles up for sale to help fund a good cause.
This virtually new Dakota Model 76 Alpine has been shot about 50 times to break it in and fire-form brass.
It is a very accurate rifle just from what I have seen in trying several loads in the break in process (test targets are coming).
The Alpine features a "snable" forend, and a barrel band forward sling swivel, resulting in a very handy profile to carry and shoot.
Since I special ordered the rifle I was able to select "257 ACKLEY"as the serial #.
I also had my choice of stock blanks and ended up with a beautiful "AAA" piece of Walnut.
The rifle is fitted with Talley bases
It also has the upgraded
"inlet swivel sling" in the rear.
LOP is 13 3/4" and the barrel is 22"
Metal and wood are virtually "as new" with the exception of a couple of barely visible handling marks I could not get to show up in the photos.
Pictures and test targets hopefully will be posted late this evening.
Brass and Forster dies could also sweeten the deal for the buyer! I may also have a set of 1" Talley rings to go with it (I'll be checking to see if I still have them)..
Price: $5295
Please feel free to contact me with questions:
I much prefer email, phone or text to trying to deal with this site on mobile devices.ghay@hopechurch.net or (417)860-5888