Dakota tactical/PTR91 receiver with Early pattern HK G3 kit (POF)

over 3 years ago
FS: Dakota tactical/PTR91 receiver with Early pattern HK G3 kit (POF)
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PTR / Dakota Tactical / POFModel:
G3 / PTR91Caliber:
.308 / 7.62x51Location (city or county):
Los AngelesPrice:
($949 with Solar grip wrap and G3 brake)Will ship (Y/N):
Y to FFL 01Other info:
This is a PTR91 receiver finished by Dakota Tactical.
It is a complete receiver and will need an FFL transfer.
It includes a complete G3 parts kit made on HK tooling by POF.
It has the older style wood furniture, but it is NOT a CETME kit.
Original barrel is in good shape- some wear, but should shoot well (clean crown, mostly shiny).
This is a very rare early pattern kit, with the straight cocking tube (for a nice correct circa 1959 HK retro build).
This is for sale as a set ONLY.
If I do not sell it, I will build it as-is for a retro G3 build, I just haven't had the time to send it out to get it completed.
You will have to add your own US parts for 922r compliance when you build.
Bump for a new year- still haven't had a chance to build the G3, I figure if one of you has more time than I do, I'd sell it.
I also have a Solar grip wrap and G3 type muzzle brake I can sell with the kit to whomever buys it (NOT for sale separately).