WTS Dakota Tactical/TommyBuilt G36K CQB (FIREgs SALE)

about 4 years ago
WTS Dakota Tactical/TommyBuilt G36K CQB (FIREgs SALE)
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The FireGS sale continues.
Looking to sell my Dakota Tactical/TommyBuilt G36K CQB. It is a rear stub conversion that started off as an SL8-1, KK date code. Dakota Tactical did the rear stub conversion. Tommy did the Magwell conversion as well as the engravings and barrel work. The barrel is an original SL8 barrel cut down and NOT profiled. It is a thick, bull barrel under the rifle-length hand guard. It's cut to 14.something" with a pinned Rainier Arms Xtreme Tactical Compensator XTC to meet the 16" minimum.
*Zeiss Optic has been long sold.*
The rifle will come with two Factory German 30 round magazines and at least two G36 Pmags. I can confirm when I get home.
Asking $3650 shipped. USPS MO (overnight) or PayPal (you cover ALL fees).
I need this to sell ASAP.
I can take any additional pictures you wish.