WTS:Remark HK94 SBR $5,000 NV

almost 5 years ago
WTS:Remark HK94 SBR $5,000 NV
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Las Vegas, NV

Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my Vollmer converted HK94 SBR. It originally came to me married to a Fleming sear. I registered it as a Short Barreled Rifle to remove the sear. Vollmer installed a 3-lug Navy barrel, paddle mag release and remarked it "MP5". I have a letter from the previous owner stating the the "MP5" markings were on it before I owned it. The Form 1 states that the gun has been remarked "MP5" before it was registered as a NFA item. It has run great. I now have two full size MP5 clones built from SW receivers and HK MP5 parts sets. Since getting the clones I don't run this gun anymore. I don't have a round count but I see no throat erosion in the barrel. Since my sear is not included, I don't have the original semi auto trigger pack. The gun was sent to Dakota Tactical. I had Joe fill in the sear serial # (Vollmer had engraved it on the magwell) and totally refinish the gun inside and out. I can not see where the serial # was on the magwell. I also had the internals reparkerized. The gun looks beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice.
I am looking for $5,000 for the gun. I am not looking for any trades. The SBR would transfer from me on a Form 4 as I am not a SOT. The buyer is responsible for the transfer. If you want the gun as a Title I rifle, I can have Dakota Tactical remove my information and install a permanent extension to the barrel getting it up to 16" and refinish the information spot. I will notify the NFA Branch of the change in configuration and then it will be sent on to your FFL. I am not interested in any trades as I am raising cash for another project. If you have any questions, please let me know.