AR15 9mm / Norinco PolyTech M14s 308 (San Jose/Sacramento)

over 1 year ago
AR15 9mm / Norinco PolyTech M14s 308 (San Jose/Sacramento)
Dan Wesson
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Jose/Sacramento

Make: AR15
Model: New Frontier lower, Olympic Upper
Caliber: 9mm
Location (city or county): San Jose/Sacramento
Price: $850 firm or trade
Will ship (Y/N): Yes to 01 FFL
Other info: Shoots great
For sale or trade is a 9mm AR15, build with an Olympic 9mm upper (runs great) and a New Frontier Polymer Lower.
This rifle shoots accurately and 100% reliably, and eats any 9mm you care to feed it. It uses Sten mags which are cheap and plentiful. It will come with one CA-compliant 10-round Sten mag.
It has a carbine-length handguard (black) and a shorty-length buttstock for use with the Monsterman-grip.
It is a handy and compact rifle with minimal recoil.
The handguard and buttstock are both olive green (pic was taken with a black handguard).
The Monsterman grip is black.
It is set up as featureless (muzzle brake, not flash hider) and a Monsterman grip.
The muzzle brake is a Spike's Tactical model, as pictured.
Looking to sell for $850 or preferably trade for items in the following list:
Quality heavy-barrel 308 bolt-action target rifle with good glass. Remington, Winchester, Savage, Sako, Tikka, etc.
Nice Colt Trooper original or '357' model
Ruger Alaskan 454 or Redhawk Talo 44 Mag
I may entertain other trades, but no AR15s or AKs please.
I prefer old-school all-metal Ruger, Colt, Smith & Wesson pistols and revolvers.
It is a bit dirty in the pics below, but overall is in very good condition.
There are some light handling marks on the upper (as expected, it is shot at the range every now and then) but other than that it is a solid and reliable piece of kit.
Please PM with any questions, and please do not post in this thread unless you are posting a firm 'I'll take it'.