WTS Mossberg 715T .22LR

about 1 year ago
Dan Wesson
Available on
Cal Guns

$250 OBO
IE/OC Area
Fun lil plinkster. If youre looking for this gun, you know what
it is. Its literally two pieces of plastic. Two. Understand that. The upper and lower dont detach. See, I didnt know this. I ordered it online. So when the day came for me to DROS it at my ffl you can imagine my surprise. Now Im your stereotypical gun douche. Large stature, tattoos, beard, body hair, camo "something". So as I recieve this gun theres a guy to my right picking up his overpriced Dan Wesson 1911 and a guy to my left buying some format of ar15 that has an optic on it thats 3 times more than this "kids toy" that is in front of me. So buyer beware: you will not look badass while purchasing this gun. You may want to have your wife or your daughter put this in one of their names to salvage any dignity you have left.
You could always add a light, lazer, 3x9 scope, forward grip, bayonet, grenade launcher or a second light to "masculinize" this lil guy a bit. Or just know you got a hog hangin between yer legs and shoot this thing like the badass mothertrucker you are.
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