.300 BLK AR with EoTech, reloading gear. $1000 Vacaville

over 2 years ago
.300 BLK AR with EoTech, reloading gear. $1000 Vacaville
Daniel Defense
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Cal Guns

As new-ish as they come.
Diamondback Firearms DB-15 chambered in .300 AAC Blackout
Comes with the following:
VooDoo Tactical Double Carbine Soft Case (In pretty good shape)
LEE .300 AAC Blackout reloading die set (NIB, not used ever)
LEE .300 AAC Blackout Factory Crimp die (NIB, not used ever)
DrillMaster mini cut-off saw with anodized jig to hold a 5.56 shell and cut it
to the right length to resize with the LEE die set (solid, quality)
As hoopty as it seems, you can have the little retracting Bullet-Button tool I
made out of some 550 cord and a knitting needle. It clips on a belt or
webbing. Its alright, whatever. I'm done with the Bullet-Button game.
The rifle itself
As stated above, its a Diamondback DB-15 chambered in .300 AAC Blackout
The following is installed on the rifle:
EoTech 512 series holographic sight. (Perfect cowitness with the irons)
Daniel Defense fixed iron sights
MOE stock / RSA Rail Sling Attachment / BAD Lever- Battery Assist
Device / Short-Throw 60deg. Fire control selector lever / Aluminum
Enhanced Trigger Guard
Noveske QD Swivel lower receiver end plate (w/locking QD triangle loop)
Bravo Company Manufacturing:
BCM Gunfighter pistol grip
BCM Gunfighter Mod4 Charging Handle
KNS Anti-Walk trigger/hammer pin set
Its a nice rifle, built the way "I" wanted it. Maybe its built the way "you" would want it... I'd like to think so.
I bought and equipped this rifle in one shot, about a year ago. I've put less than one hundred rounds through it. Seriously! I moved a couple times, never got my reloading bench set back up, and I just don't shoot it.
I'm selling it all for $1000 even. I spent at least $1500 on the gun/components not including the dies and everything else, so its a fair deal. Maybe more than fair (for whoever buys it). Don't wanna trade, yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill.
Text me at (707) 980-5985. Josh