WTT Arsenal/Saiga AK-74

almost 4 years ago
WTT Arsenal/Saiga AK-74
Daniel Defense
Available on
Cal Guns

Looking to trade my safe queen Arsenal/Saiga AK-74. Comes with the following options....
Midwest Industries rail system
Hogue rubber ovemold pistol grip
1 factory mag
5 Tapco mags
2,300+ rounds of Bulgarian surplus ammo in sealed sardine cans
Never fired. Bought brand new in 2011 for $1,050 then put another $250 with the MI rail and grip. These cans of ammo (5.45X39) run between $250 to $300 each IF you can even find any these days.
Looking to trade only locally in Sacramento. I am looking for ONLY the following trades.......
Springfield TRP Operator
Ruger Gunsite 308 bolt rifle+some cash
Remington 700 Police bolt rifle in 308+some cash
Beretta semi auto defense or sporting shotguns
FN SLP semi auto shotguns
1911's in 9mm+some cash
Daniel Defense AR's
Located in Sacramento.
Optic, sling and foregrip not included.
If you want one of the best modern AK's money can buy, this is one of them. Other than spending a ridiculous amount on a Krebs Custom or Haley/Rifle Dynamics AK, this is the next best to those rifles. Also, you probably won't be able to get a hold of these much longer due to the new Russian ban on AK importing.