Customized Duck Creek Saiga

over 5 years ago
Customized Duck Creek Saiga
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These are no longer avaliable
Built on the famous AK47 action, this is the most reliable firearm on Earth - in 12 guage! Saiga 12 from Izmash in Russia, imported by Legion. Fully converted into traditional tactical pistol grip with US trigger group. Quad-Rail forearm with pistol grip. Barrel shroud. Side folder stock. 20 round drum. All duracoated death black.
If you want the baddest firearm on Earth, well you just found it. Layaway is ok on this.
Customized at Duck Creek Armory in Davenport, Iowa - This is the "Eclipse".
Manufacturer: Duck Creek Armory / Izmash
Model: Eclipse
Caliber: 12GA
Barrel Length: 19"
Capacity: 20+1
Finish / Color: Black
Custom Built With The Following Features:
Fire control group removed and moved forward, replaced with US parts.
Side folding stock added.
Trigger guard and hogue pistol grip installed.
Barrel shroud installed.
Low Brass Gas Puck and Gas Plug (6 Position adjustable) added.
Quad rail and extension added.
Tommy gun foregrip added.
5 round magazine replaced with a US made 20 round drum.
Custom Duracoated Matte Black
Backed by a two year warranty.
This firearm has 8 parts for 922r (only needs 6 - easily within compliance).
Price $2000