Magnum Research Desert Eagle 3 caliber set

over 4 years ago
Magnum Research Desert Eagle 3 caliber set
Desert Eagle
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Long Range Hunting
Springfield, MO

I have for sale a Desert Eagle complete multi caliber set. The gun is like new in box. This is the Israeli made MKXIX. The gun appears to be unfired but I am not the original owner so I can not testify that it has never been fired. I have not fired it.
Gun is capable of firing multi calibers. Gun comes with everything it came with from the factory in the factory custom cut-out box. All barrels are the 6" length. Gun includes the following:
1) The Desert Eagle Gun with the 50 AE Barrel currently mounted on it
2) A 44 Mag barrel which easily switches out with the 50 to shoot 44 mag. The 50 AE and 44 Mag each use the same bolt so it is very easy to shoot both quickly...Just switch the barrel and mag.
3) One 44 Mag Desert Eagle Magazine
4) One 50 AE Desert Eagle Magazine.
5) One 357 6" barrel. This will switch into the gun but in order to shoot the 357 you need to get a new bolt and magazine. However the barrel is the most expensive component. The barrel alone cost $400 on the DE Website. Because this was bought separately, this barrel does appear to be used but is still in good shape with a few scuff marks.
6) 3 boxes of 50 AE Ammo to go with the gun.
Price for the entire set is $1700 plus shipping. If you were to buy all of this stuff separately from DE it would cost well over $2500.
May trade for Colt Handguns (Especially SAA's) or a nice over under. Most other trades will have to be in my favor as I would really prefer cash.