Detonics Combat Master

almost 6 years ago
Detonics Combat Master
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Combat Master, from the original Detonics incarnation. Picked it up a couple years ago from Hide member tactinstr, it's been a great little gun, but I'm thinning out the safe right now. I have one Detonics magazine for it that fits flush with the bottom of the frame, as wells as a Colt marked Officer's mag that fits flush with the bottom of the S&A magazine well. There's been a good bit of work done (all by tactinstr), and very well done. Here's a quote from him about the changes he made:
When I received it was well used but functional and I had no understanding of the company to its history. At that time I was looking for just what it sounds like you are looking for; a .45 cal project gun that I could use for carry. Once I had it I decided to go through it and modernize it so I checkered the front and back strap, added a S&A mag well to make it fit my hand a little better. I also serrated the left side of the frame to provide a left thumb perch, undercut the front strap for a higher grip and added a Chip McCormick carbon trigger. I did not like the original sights so I modified some Berretta 92 night sights and by cutting a dove tail in the front of the slide installed them.
I carried the gun for a very brief period because by that time I had other pistols available to me. I used it as a display pistol at gun shows to demonstrate the level of work we were capable of (I was a partner in a custom gun shop in Tacoma at the time).
I also carried the gun for a very brief period, mostly it was just a gun I always wanted to own and shoot. The only change I made from the description above was switching the hammer to a Wilson Combat one. I still have the bobbed hammer and will include it with the pistol.
Here's the most recent picture I have on hand, can PM detailed pictures if there's serious interest.
Asking $1100 shipped to your FFL. Face to face could be arranged if you're in the Pittsburgh area.