Detonics Combat Master 45 ACP 3" Blue NICE NorCal

almost 5 years ago
Detonics Combat Master 45 ACP 3" Blue NICE NorCal
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Phoenix, Arizona

Make: Detonics
Model: Combat Master
Caliber: 45 ACP
Location (city or county): Modesto
Price: $975.00
Very early Detonics Combat Pistol, chambered in 45 auto with 3" barrel, blue finish. All original gun. This is one of the early models that are marked "Pat Pending", Seattle WA with a 4 digit serial number.
Included is a $100 Galco paddle concealment holster.
Detonics is historically recognized as the innovator of the compact 1911 as a new design and not a cut down version of a full size handgun. The original architecture for the Detonics Combat Master began in the 1960s with an Explosives Corporation of America (EXCOA) engineer named Pat Yates. Through this association, Yates met with a number of other gun enthusiasts in the early 70s, including Sid Woodcock. These meetings led to the development of the original prototypes for the Combat Master. In the middle of the decade, Mike Maes, a manager with EXCOA and Sid Woodcock formalized their collaborative work and began what is the 30 year history of Detonics.
Pat Yates now had an opportunity to fully develop his compact 1911 design. Over the course of a few years, the Combat Master was developed, tested and put into production in 1976. In the early 1980s, Detonics released both the Service Master and Score Master weapons as their equivalents to the mid-sized Colt Commander and full-sized Government Model, respectively.
In 1987, Detonics was purchased by Bruce McCaw of McCaw Cellular. The company was renamed New Detonics with operations managed by Robbie Barkman of ROBAR. During this period, New Detonics was moved to Phoenix, Arizona where operations continued until closing in 1992.