WTS Romanian PSL w/ POSP and custom stock 7.62x54R, Highland, no ship

over 2 years ago
WTS Romanian PSL w/ POSP and custom stock 7.62x54R, Highland, no ship
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Highland CA

Make: Romanian PSL / TG Knox TN
Model: FPK Dragunov / PSL
Caliber: 7.62x54R
Location (city or county): Highland / SoCal / I.E.
Price: $1550 OBO!
Will ship (Y/N):
No shipping at this time
Other info:
Built in the US using 100% Romanian parts by TG (Tennessee Guns) including a Romanian receiver. CHF chrome lined Romanian barrel, all matching numbers except the muzzle brake (which is not pinned). Includes 2 blued numbered mags (not matching with rifle),and pouch. No bayonet lug on this one, and the BHO function parts are not included, (removed by last owner). Rifle is in overall good condition with some minor scratches and fading on the barrel and receiver. The stock was modified at some point to accept the SVD cheek riser and looks to be very professional, as I can't see any remenents of work done and the riser on it now is Russian and nice and tight. The POSP scope is fully functional but needs a new bulb if you want the illumination function to work, which costs about $14 online. Scope Mount is rock solid. No pitting or damage at all from any neglect after corrosive ammo, and there has never been a single heavy ball of ammo put through this rifle. Bore is shiny as can be. If you have any questions or offers please PM via forum rules.
Thanks for looking!