WTT: Tiger, SVT-40 Sniper

about 2 years ago
WTT: Tiger, SVT-40 Sniper
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Trade only! Mint condition all matching Tiger and a real, verified SVT-40 1941 Tula Sniper.
I'm looking to trade these for other sniper rifles only, specifically non-refurb PU, PEM, matching with mum Type 97/99, complete No. 4 Mk. 1 (T), ZFK 55, real Dragunov. Trades to be done in person only in South Orange County, +/- cash as needed
Both rifles are in 7.62x54r. The Tiger is in mint condition, all matching with a numbers matching scope, two mags, original furniture and a Russian military stock/handguard and sling. It's up to the new owner whether to register this rifle or go featureless. I'm not a great shot and was able to do 3/4 MOA with handloads
Excellent arsenal refurbished, real, verified 1941 Tula SVT-40 Sniper rifle. These are quite rare, this one is 100% authentic and verified, will provide details/documentation. No scope or mount included (the last real, authenticated mount I know of sold for $1.6k)