APR Bartlein 300 Win Mag, XLR Element Price Drop!

over 1 year ago
Eastern Arms
Available on
Long Range Hunting
Lafayette, La

Barreled action assembled by Alamo Precision Arms in Hurst, Tx.
- Trued 700 action/bolt
- Rifle Basix trigger
- 26" 1/10" Bartlein sendero profile, threaded 5/8x24
- PVA Mad Scientist self-timing muzzle brake
- Holland recoil lug
- Entire thing Cerakoted black.
XLR Element chassis purchased brand new.
- (1) 300WM 5-rnd Accurate Mag
- XLR Tactical buttstock
- 2" picatinny rail section mounted on bottom (for Atlas bipod)
I purchased this rifle brand new, and have shot it exactly 15 times.
Always been a short action guy, and thought I'd enjoy having a larger frame rifle for range time.
I just don't like it as much as I thought I would.
Seekins rings in picture not included.
I'm asking $2150 shipped to your ffl.
I will split the package up, but only if the barreled action sells first.
In that case, $1550 for the barreled action shipped, and $650 shipped for the XLR.