Custom KIDD 10/22 Threaded Receiver Discontinued By Tony KIDD

about 1 year ago
Eastern Arms
Available on
Cal Guns
East Bay, CA

Very Rare Custom Built by Tony Kidd!
This is a Kidd receiver and SS barrel and scope base. He no longer offers this action for sale, he stopped building the threaded barrel/receivers a couple years ago. This is not your everyday run of the mill sloppy slip fit Ruger design, this barrel is actually threaded and headspaced into the threaded receiver making a very accurate no barrel droop setup!
This one is a 20" Heavy Sporter contour with about 300 rounds through it. It also has the rear tang upgrade for the ultimate rigid platform. The rear tang is removable if you want to run a standard inlet stock, and also make a great cleaning rod hole. The trigger guard pin holes come countersunk for the excellent KIDD screw in pin kit, and will work well with standard pins as well. You can use any trigger group and bolt, but I highly suggest KIDD parts since they are the best. Here is your chance to build your dream 10/22 for a lot less than what I paid for it new! Id like to keep it but my wife wants another house and I have too many toys.
$350 Will meet at City Arms Pleasant Hill, CA