Galil AR Clone

about 1 year ago
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Simi Valley:

Century Arms Golani, Fixed By Jeff Miller @ Hillbilly Firearms:
5.56/ .223: Jeff always reams out the chambers for 5.56
Location Simi Valley:
Price: $1375
Will ship (Y
on your dime):
This is a Century Arms Golani with GLNO Ser# (Better 2nd gen receiver) This rifle like most Century stuff had problems out of the gate despite being "Certified" from Henderson Defense at the time I bought it. It was sent to Jeff Miller the country's foremost Galil gunsmith. Jeff has repaired & built more Galil's & Galil clones than anyone in the country & is extremely thorough in his work ensuring everything is as it should be. He replaced the bolt carrier & bolt, welded in an AK style brace Reamed chamber to 5.56 and ensured both lugs were engaging. Rifle runs like a sewing machine now.
Rifle is set up as featureless, with grip fin,Non-permanent stock block, thread protector & will come with flash hider. Stock shows some wear, but is very tight, unlike the stock that was on it when I sent it to Jeff, so it did not get refinished. I can include the finished stock, but it is loose when folded & the current stock is much tighter.
I would keep this rifle, but I have 2 Pre-Ban IMI Galil's and 2 ARM's & a SAR Jeff built for me, so I'm going to let this one go. :