NULA - 6.5x47 Lapua Ultralight Mt. Rifle

about 1 year ago
Eastern Arms
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Long Range Hunting

Ive got too much money tied up in my rifle collection and need to let a couple go to new homes.
This is an ultra-light mountain rifle custom built by Melvin Forbes at New Ultralight Arms (NULA) in 6.5x47 Lapua.
NULA Model 20
22 Stainless #1 contour
Threaded 1/2x28 with radial brake
Stock: NULA Kevlar stock with LOP at 13.5
Trigger: Timney Trigger
Bottom Metal: Blind Mag to save weight
All Metal done in black
Scope Rings:
Talley one piece 30 MM rings
Medium Height
Bipod Rail:
Atlas rail for attaching a bipod
Weight: Bare Rifle is 5lbs.
Weight in picture on scale includes my VX3, which is 1.25 lbs with scope level and caps.
This rifle has 180 rounds through it, and it will shoot the 143 ELDx bullets at 0.5 MOA or less.
You can see a few of the 100 yd test groups in the pictures.
And the three shot group of about 2 on the black target (with my thumb in the picture) was shot from a bench at 500 yds last week.
Rifle is in 99%+ condition.
Its never been hunted, just shot at the range.
This is an awesome ultra-light rifle thats big enough for elk with the 143 ELDx out to 500+ yds.
Load data is included.
This thing is an awesome shooter, and with the brake on it has virtually no recoil.
You can easily spot your hits even at ranges as close as 300 yds.
Please note that the scope is NOT included with this rifle, but the Talley rings are included.
This base rifle from Melvin is $3500, plus the stainless steel barrel (+$80), plus the cerakote ($100), plus the bipod rail (+$50).
So Ive got over $3700 into this rifle, and waited for 15 months to get it built!
Im asking $3100 for this one shipped to your FFL.
You will not find a finer ultra-light mountain rifle!
If there are any questions about the rifle please email me at