DSA Belgian Para Carbine 16"

over 1 year ago
DSA Belgian Para Carbine 16"
Ed Brown
Das Haus
Available on
Northwest Firearms

Cash & Leupold MK 4 or MK 6 VX, Vortex Viper PST,
or something compatible with M14 7.62 /308 platform that uses 30mm rings
Cross posted - time stamp rules
Cash price is $1875.00 shipped FedEx ground with full value insurance
NO need to send low ball offers I spent a lot time finding the these parts
Comes with one mag Belgian Hidium (aluminum) mag or Belgian steel mag
Belgian parts:
Lower complete no "A" marking there is a notch, "R" selector sw, internals, rear site, barrel, para spring set,
bolt no serial # (not scrubbed) para no nose dust cover and STG gas plug, front swivel
Argy parts:
Bolt Carrier, carry handle & PG
Brown hand guards in VG to EX condition
USA parts:
DSA type II receiver, folding stock & folding CH
SloCat mag release & CH spacer
SE Vortex muzzle break
Think the gas piston is Stainless Steel, it's not chrome
DSA factory 16" carbine barrel I replaced the standard rifle parts with para parts & swapped in the Argy carrier,
Recommend you double the Head Space I did use go & no go gauges
I put 2 mag worth ammo through it since I have owned it
Barrel checks 0 on TE gauge