Krebs Custom KV-13 Mod 2 7.62 X 39

over 1 year ago
Krebs Custom KV-13 Mod 2 7.62 X 39
Ed Brown
Brass Catcher
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Northwest Firearms

Built on a Russina VEPR Rifle
7.62 x 39
Includes Krebs interchangeable muzzle system (IMS) 4-prong flash suppressor with a 3/4 removable birdgage compensator which minimizes muzzle climb and flash. A stand-alone titanium muzzle break will be available in the near future.
Muzzle device is permanently attached.
Cold hammer forged chrome-lined barrel shortened to 14.25," precisioned crowned and threaded.
Krebe Custom UFM Rail fore-end.
Proprietary designed in-house gas block is chrome-lined and pinned to the barrel.
Rear sight support scope rail made from 4140 steel hardened to 40 Rockwell, which allows for co-witness with electric "dot" scope.
ALG AKT Trigger is machined and polished to Krebs Custom specifications.
Action is tuned and bolt face polished for enhanced reliability and smoothness.
Custom MK6 enhanced safety allows shooter to manipulate safety without the user having to remover their hand from the pistol grip and provides a MANUAL bolt hold-open.
Krebs Custom 1 piece VEPR-to-M4 stock adapter with QD slots.
Krebs Custom Trigger Pin Retaining Plate insures greate pin stability.
Trigger guard is polished and radiused to reduce stamped metal markings and insure shooter comfort.
Magpul MOE pistol grip installed for improved ergonomic hold.
Receiver cover is re-inforced with a plate and wedge-lock recoil system to insure NO movement of the receiver cover and return to "zero" when re-installed.
Rear sight receiver cover provides an increased sight radius and allows for dual aperture sight picture.
Iron sights and scope rails are laser bore-sighted.
Magpul CTR buttstock provides adjustable lenght-of-pull.
Rifle industrially tumbled and "dehorned" for fast, painless operation.
Rifle finished with flat-black, baked-on, synthetic alkyd KrebsCoat finish.
Krebs Custom hard case.
Chi Town Kydex Mag holder (adjustable to accomodate a range of magazines)
1 Bulgarian steel magazine.
Otis Technology cleaning kit 7.62 x 39.
Froglube Extreme CLP.
AR front sight tool.
1 BCM QD sling mount.
Certificate of Authenticity
The barrel length is 14.25 to 16" with a permanently attached flash suppressor IMS compatible.
The overall length (fully extended) is 36.5"
The weight is 8.5 lbs.
750 rounds of Barnaul Brown Bear, Silver Bear, Golden Tiger and Hot Shot rounds fired with no malfunctions of any kind.
The rifle is very accurate and is capable of sub-2 MOA 3-shot groups. $1900